Friday, 9 April 2010

So much to do, so little time

Yes, OK, I know, I've been away far too long again ...

Since my last post, I've worked fingers to the bone on London - Cannes ( -well done guys and girls!) run some training and accreditation in Northumberland for a super Sustrans project in Ashington (Go, Adam and Emma, Go!), a Campagnolo course in Staffs and have done a couple of extra days at Longstaffs.

We've also run a first training event for track coaches and staff at Manchester Velodrome to some very positive feedback.

There's a fair bit of work going on in adjusting & developing the Weldtech accreditation just now, too - we are expanding the availability of the accreditation through a network of partners, which means a total re-write of all of the training and assessment material so that someone other than just Jeff, Nigel and I can understand it, plus we are developing some new courses, both at the highest level (manufacturer-specific) and at the entry level - roadside & trailside repair.

Upcoming courses include a Platinum week starting on April 19th (still places available on all days), a Campag course on My 6th & 7th (one place left, trade only) and an introduction to bicycle maintenance course at Manchester Velodrome on June 20th, at the beginning of National Bike Week.

All go!

As it's now heading for stupid-o'clock I'll sign off with a promise to write more often ... believe it if you will!

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