Sunday, 18 October 2009

New Training Workshops Now Up and Running

Friday was a humdinger of a day with non-stop telephone action from 08.30 on ... but by a bit after 13.30 (I had intended to leave the office by no later than 10.00), I managed to get out and on the way up to our new Training Workshop space next door to Longstaff Cycles in Staffs.

By the time we left on Friday night (around 20.30 I think) the new space was fully organised, benches in place, toolboards hung and materials at least mostly sorted & in place ready to start the first course at the new premises on Monday.

Huge thanks to Lance of Longstaffs for his help in the whole operation ... couldn't have done it without you, bello!

As soon as we are really grooving later this week, I'll post some images of the space & a schedule of upcoming courses for your perusal, dear readers!

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