Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Life in the Deep Freeze

Well, OK, so it's not really *that* cold, but it is still only just hovering above zero in my workshop, so it is making it difficult to do quality work, it has to be said.

The last few days have seen still more frenetic running up and down the M1 to and from the workshops in Chesterton, with a Campagnolo two-day training course delivered, a bevy of bicycles serviced at Longstaffs, as well as some promised deliveries from Campagnolo actually arriving so we are now ploughing through a huge backlog of Ergo levers and other parts for servicing.

We've just successfully accredited at least one Wholesalers' warranty guy, and anothers' has just been to Campagnolo to go through training there, so the bulk of the warranty work will be a burden lifted from me / us soon - which I'll be happy about - it's been a very rough last 6 months or so.

Yesterday was spent working with the guys from Clarks Products Ltd, makers of hydraulic & cable-operated disc brake systems (amongst other things), to make videos for their shiny new website. We've worked with them before, doing the video for their old site, but the new podcasts are designed to be shorter, punchier & more bite-sized.

Also on the upside, we are still seeing strong interest in the Weldtech Training courses that we are running to accredit mechanics to National Standards ... although we have two or three places on the January "general", entry - to - Platinum course open 11th - 15th inclusive), one place on the hydraulics course, and one place on the Campagnolo course (trade only).

End of January though, I am in Aberdeen for three days then Lerwick for six, delivering training, before returning to the UK to drop back into the groove of training at Chesterton until March 11th when I disappear on the 1500km L2C relay ride as a lead mechanic, for a 10-day "race to the sun", London to Cannes in 6 days, a day off, then a two-day return drive.

Apologies to any and all tht ahave been trying to get me by phone, I am working through voicemails now!

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