Sunday, 21 February 2010

X-mouse holidays and all that

Well, Christmas (white in nature if not in name, cos it didn't snow on the roof of the Weather Centre, despite being cold as you like ...) has come and gone & the cunning plan to catch up on repairs and re-write our training manual for cycle mechanics were each only in part fulfilled.

Given that this blog is called "Pimp My Toolbox" I suppose I ought to mention my toolbox & the odd pimpings that have occurred recently - the most notable and useful of which isn't actually that recent - it's over a year old, in fact, but it's been a boon in servicing Ultra-Torque cranksets. It's VAR's too for pulling & replacing the UT bearings.

Now I KNOW there are a squillion mechanics out there who are going to say you can grind the feet of a three-legged puller off so that they fit under the bearing and you can tap the new one on using a 1" headset crown race slide hammer BUT a) if there is a right too for the job, why the hell not use it and b) some problems occur with percussive force on sealed (or any other, for that matter) bearings and with CULT ceramics costing somewhere north of £100.00 a set, I'm not about to take chances.

All you have to remember when using the removal tool is to remove the circlip before you try and pull the bearing, as the tool exters enough force to tear it out of it's groove, with damage to both circlip & spindle resulting (haven't done it myself, thankfully, a colleague told me about this ...)

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