Friday, 10 September 2010

Oh! My Giddy Aunt ... it's September

Well, I suppose September has to come around, the way it does most years ... but it is months since I last sat down to edit this 'ere blog.

Well. there is a reason for that. Several reasons. A whole truckload of reasons in fact ...

London Paris in June is one. A succession of courses run & "Weldtechies" accredited is another. More wheelbuilding than you can shake the proverbial stick at is yet another ... plus all the routine stuff with Campagnolo, general business admin, ongoing stuff with EDI, who will be our awarding body soon, getting a web presence up, ongoing work on the manual, and assortment of retro restoration jobs, the Royal British Legion's Pedal2Paris ride (don't these people know that a "pedalier" in French is a derogatory term for a male homosexual? Maybe that's why the logo is pink ...).

Well, enough of the excuses already - keep em peeled cos I'll be back, presently, to update you on all of the above and some NEW STUFF! Shocking, I know :-)

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